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We are pleased to announce the release of the Helio Lending Information Memorandum, find it by following this link The current early stage investment round is due to end 22nd of September, 2018 To schedule a meeting with the team, please either reply to this email directly or contact us at; Yours sincerely, John O'Shea | CEO Helio Lending | Melbourne VIC 3000 t 61 404 355 140 | e

Helio Lending (Helio) is a new and innovative lending company, headquartered in Melbourne with strong business relationships in Asia.

Despite the size of the worldwide cryptocurrency industry, lenders in the Asia-Pacific region have been slow to react to blockchain technology. They are yet to recognise cryptocurrency as an asset that can be used as loan collateral. This provides Helio with a unique and strategic advantage.

The Helio service will target holders of blockchain assets who want to access certain fiat currencies (AUD, USD) but who do not want to sell their digital holdings. Helio will offer them collateralized loans, using their blockchain asset as security.
What we do
Helio Lending will offer a unique service to the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

For borrowers The Helio Platform removes the barriers currently faced by the holders of cryptocurrencies who want simple, secure access to credit and fiat currencies without liquidating their assets.

For lenders Helio provides investors with a platform that will enable them to securely lend against blockchain assets. The Helio Platform mitigates the risks of asset price volatility and borrower default.

Our technology The Helio Platform uses cutting-edge low-cost technology to:
• create lending agreements;
• secure the blockchain assets;
• continually monitor the value of the loan collateral; and
• to service and enforce the terms of each contract between Helio and borrower.

4.2 How Helio is different
By purchasing HGC Finance, Helio Lending will immediately become an established profitable business with staff, offices, process, procedures, technology and a full lending license regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, see
HGC, through its brands Clubmoney and HGC Finance, already offers personal loans, consumer, car loans and business loans. With the signing of ETHLend technology (Bird) and Blockbid platform, Helio will be the first company in Australia with a full lending license:
• to offer cryptocurrency backed loans; and
• to offer cryptocurrency backed lending while operating under the ASIC guidelines and regulations.
By licensing already established software through ETHLend and Blockbid, Helio:
• has avoided spending millions of dollars on research and development;
• is able to enter the market sooner than its competitors; and
• can use all funds raised for marketing purposes to gain exposure and attract customers so as to produce income.

Helio’s competitors (Lendex, SALT, Blockloan) are attempting to build a platform to allow them to manage cryptocurrency backed loans through ICO funding.

However, Helio is spending less time and money on that stage. In this way, it expects to gain first-mover advantage that will lead to a larger share of the market and allow it to expand into other countries and regions rapidly.