Calling candidates & graduates!

If you have read up on the 100 point innovation test, you will note that companies who are currently undertaking or have graduated from an eligible accelerator program are awarded 50 points. Find out if you are already halfway though this gateway by reviewing the attached listing or add listing if your accelerator is missing.

Eligible Accelerators

Australia already enjoys a reputation as one of the best places in the world to innovate, and our accelerators are no exception. So why the short list of eligible programs?


Well, we think its a long list, as the ATO are yet to publish a listing, which was promised prior to commencement of the new laws. The trouble for the ATO (and us), is that eligibility isn't a sure thing.

The accelerator program must meet four hurdles:

TIP:  When you win entry into an accelerator, be sure to notify them of the  holding / ESIC company  you will use for fundraising. ESIC status does not attach to individuals, business names or brands.  You need to formally recognise the company as the subject of the accelerator program. 

We are keen to grow our listing, ether by assessing ESIC's undertaking a program or by referral to the programs itself. If you know some, feel free to drop us a line. It's worth 50 points towards qualification and plenty of love from your fellow startups and investors alike.