Innovation Glossary


An E.S.I.C. is a company that is recognized as having Early Stage Innovation Company status.

Newly incorporated Australian companies may seek to confirm or use this status, via self certification, validation (such that we provide) or via the Australian Tax Office.

R&D Partners

A company will be awarded 25 points if it has a written agreement to co-develop and commercialize an innovation with an entity registered under s29 of the Industry Research and Development Act 1986; Search our database to confirm the qualification and or find a provider to help ensure your eligibility.

Grant Recipients

Companies that have received a Accelerating Commercialization Grant at any time are entitled to 75 points towards the 100 point innovation test. Note that the grant excluded from income for the purposes of the early stage test.


If you have read up on the 100 point innovation test, you will note that graduates of eligible accelerator programs are awarded 50 points. Find out if you are already halfway though this gateway by reviewing the attached listing or completing the contact form below.

Eligible Universities

Companies who have secured a written agreement to co-develop and commercialise a new, or significantly improved, product, process, service, marketing or organisational method with an eligible university will provide 25 points towards the innovation test

IP Lawyers

Having a patent or plant breeders right granted within the past 5 years can provide a company with up to 50 points on the 100 point innovation test, though we can assume you will need expert legal council in securing these valuable assets. Attached is a listing of experts who will be more than willing to assist.