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AWTA Ltd is synonymous with the transformation of wool production, marketing, valuing and processing from a reliance on subjective appraisal to objective systems of assessment. AWTA has played a major role in providing a bridge between the research and the commercial application of testing technology, by facilitating further research and development, sponsoring and participating in practical trials, and developing and implementing relevant national and international standards, procedures, methods and technology, providing major benefits to all segments of the wool industry in Australia and overseas.

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Mission, Vision and History


To assist or promote the development of the pastoral, agricultural, manufacturing and industrial resources of Australia, in particular, by providing independent objective data and information services which will facilitate the efficient production, marketing and processing of wool, other fibres, textile products and related materials.


To maintain a national and international reputation for technical expertise, commercial independence and professional integrity by providing accurate, impartial and efficient sampling, testing and certification services to our customers.


The Australian Wool Testing Authority was established in 1957 by the Commonwealth Government in response to requests from the Australian wool industry, and was created as a Statutory Authority reporting to the Minister for Primary Industry. The first meeting of the Authority was held on 12th December 1957.

Following the formation of the Australian Wool Board in 1962, AWTA was established as a separate division within that organisation on 1st July 1963. AWTA retained the same status within the Australian Wool Corporation when it was formed by the amalgamation of the Australian Wool Board and the Australian Wool Commission on 1st January 1973.

"AWTA Ltd commenced operations on 1st July 1982, when it took over all the previous functions of the AWTA"