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DArT PL has evolved from a genotyping service to a provider of comprehensive data services integrating genetic screening with environmental and phenotypic data to drive rapid results for clients in fields such as plant breeding, conservation biology and phylogenetics. Our focus on delivering social and environmental progress is not just in our Mission and Vision statements, but it is the core of our daily operations.


Vision and Mission

At DArT P/L we have a vision of:

  • a society that is aware of the profound value of biodiversity to the wellbeing of mankind;
  • diversified agriculture that makes better use of existing genetic resources;
  • designing, developing and using modern technologies to deliver better social, agricultural and environmental outcomes across the planet.

Our mission at DArT P/L is:

  • to develop and provide cost-effective genotyping technologies that enable more efficient use of genetic resources;
  • to facilitate the development of a network of people and organizations using affordable genotyping technologies across the agricultural and environmental sector in an equitable manner;
  • to promote and support development of crops adapted to local environments and low-input agriculture;
  • to develop and deliver applications of DNA profiling and information technologies for a wide range of ecological and environmental studies.

Why DArT?

DArT is a generic and cost-effective genotyping technology detecting all types of DNA variation (SNP, indel, CNV, methylation). It was invented by Andrzej Kilian, to overcome some of the limitations of other molecular marker technologies such as RFLP, AFLP and SSR.

Our online ordering prices are potentially subject to significant discounts. We offer them routinely for researchers from Lesser Developed Countries, services devoted to food security and environmental science and high volume services.

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The main advantages of DArT technology and our service:

  • Low cost
  • Marker density relevant to application
  • Sequence information and platform independence
  • High throughput due to a high level of multiplexing
  • Matching most cost-effective technology with the application on modern platforms
  • DNA to Knowledge service