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FRDC’s RD&E investment planning is undertaken with reference to the priorities of the Australian Government and industry priorities as determined through extensive consultation with key stakeholders including the Australian Fisheries Management Forum (AFMF), industry representative bodies and Fisheries Research Advisory Bodies (FRABs).
The development of the current five year plan was undertaken alongside the development of the National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy, a component of the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework. This ensures that FRDC’s investments support national priorities, and encourages efficiencies across the national RD&E system.

Patrick Hone

Executive Director


About Us

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is a co-funded partnership between its two stakeholders, the Australian Government and the fishing and aquaculture sectors. It was formed as a statutory corporation on 2nd July 1991, under the provisions of the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (the PIRD Act 1989) and is responsible to the Minister of Agriculture & Water Resources.

FRDC’s role is to plan and invest in fisheries research, development and extension (RD&E) activities in Australia. This includes providing leadership and coordination of the monitoring, evaluating and reporting on RD&E activities, facilitating dissemination, extension and commercialisation. The FRDC achieves this through coordinating government and industry investment, including stakeholders to establish and address RD&E priorities. In addition the FRDC monitors and evaluates the adoption of RD&E to inform future decisions.

FRDC has a significant responsibility in ensuring, on behalf of the Australian Government, that research is undertaken to assist in the management of the fisheries and aquaculture resource for ongoing sustainability. This means that a significant proportion of funding is directed at research that has a benefit for the three sectors of the fishing industry: commercial (wild catch and aquaculture), recreational and indigenous and also delivers a public good benefit to the Australian community.