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The University of Newcastle Engineering B Building The University of Newcastle, CALLAGHAN NSW 2308


ResTech has a proven track record of successful, collaborative research projects. If you have a research project that requires specialist electrical, signal, control or communications fundamentals, ResTech can provide the expertise. With a rich research heritage and a close association with academic research centres, ResTech is a motivated participant in the research space.


Enabling your ideas

If you have a new concept, or a fresh take on current practice, why not give it the best chance and let ResTech breathe it into life? If there’s an obscure algorithm that unlocks the problem or a research paper that holds the key, ResTech has the expertise necessary to connect the dots.

ResTech provides innovative product development solutions in electrical and electronic engineering by offering clients unique access to experienced research and development personnel. Combining contemporary and fundamental knowledge with extensive expertise in a range of fields, ResTech offers product proof of concept experimentation, prototyping, pilot builds and pre-commercialisation activities, along with scientific consultancy and technical engineering.

Established in 2004 as a collaboration between the University of Newcastle and Ampcontrol, ResTech is a Registered Research Agency which spans both academia and industry by providing their clients with commercially viable solutions and intellectual capital.  ResTech can also assist customers in utilising R&D tax concessions and offsets which are offered in support of research and development in Australia. 

Being located at the University of Newcastle enables convenient access to academic staff and their research work, as well as laboratory testing space. As part of the research process, staff may be seconded to where our client's applications are located. This ensures our work remains focused and we deliver commercially viable solutions.