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Regionally based and globally connected, UNE will be known throughout the world for the quality of its on?campus student experience, the accessibility and flexibility of its distance education, and its focus on research that is of particular significance to rural and regional communities. UNE aims to be the nation's university of choice for research into regional issues of global significance.

Mrs Kathryn DOBOS

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UNE Origins

The vision of those who fought to establish Australia's first regional university at Armidale in northern NSW is still alive at the University of New England.

The story begins with the election, in 1920, of David Henry Drummond as representative of the Northern Tablelands in the NSW Legislative Assembly. 

Drummond was a foundation member of the New State Movement, which believed in the potential of New England to become Australia's seventh State – with, necessarily, its own educational institutions. His interest in education led to his appointment, in 1927, as Minister for Education in a newly-elected NSW Government.