ESIC Annual Lodgement - Notifying The ATO

ESIC's are required to report investments made in the company via the Business Portal ( prior to the 31st day after each tax year. 

Reporting ESIC to the ATO

You will need appropriate access to , an AUSKey or myGov login as administrator.


Investor Report for ATO

To complete the lodgement you need investor details, including: 

- ABN, name and address for the investor (including the date of birth for investors that are individuals) 
- number of new shares issued to the investor 
- amount paid for the new shares 
- date the shares were issued 
- percentage of shares in the company held by the investor immediately after the shares were issued

ATO reporting early stage innovation investors


The report has a maximum of 20 investors, just start a new one to add extras

Keep the ATO Receipt ID

If you get stuck, your tax agent can lodge it on your behalf