Grant Recipients


Companies that have received funding support under the Australian Government's Entrepreneurs' Programme at any time are entitled to 75 points towards the 100 point innovation test.



These projects are supported by funding from the Australian Government under its Entrepreneurs’ Programme.


 ACF Recipient Description

 Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd

 Ornamental Eucalypts - turning an Australian icon into an export opportunity

 Advanced Agricultural Systems Pty Ltd

 SwarmFarm - The key to unlocking new farming systems

 Aerofloat (Australia) Pty Ltd

 Development and commercialisation of a modular Dissolved Air Flotation system.

 Agersens Pty Ltd

 eShepherd -Internet Enabled Movement and Control of Livestock

 Agriwebb Pty Ltd

 AgriWebb – Developing Software to Transform the Livestock Industry

 Air Tip Pty Ltd

 Commercialisation of side-tipper trailers for use in bulk commodities logistics

 AirShr Pty Ltd

 Introducing real time interactivity to radio broadcasting

 Amaero Engineering Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of Laser-based Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

 Apollo Medical Imaging Technology Pty Ltd

 Automated Image Processing and Communication System for Guiding Stroke Therapy

AquaHydrex Pty Ltd

AquaHydrex - State-of-the-art Pilot Manufacturing Facility

Argus Global Pty Ltd

Argus Global Child Care Management System

Australian Bay Lobster Producers Ltd

Innovative patented controlled manufacturing process growing soft shelled bay lobster

Avipep Pty Ltd

Development of high-value cancer targeted therapies

Biosensis Pty Ltd

New blood and saliva biomarker assays of disease

Blamey and Saunders Hearing Pty Ltd

Taking the world's first modular hearing aid to market

Bluedot Innovation Pty Ltd

Commercialisation of the enterprise Bluedot Point Software Development Kit Pty Ltd

Boardcave connects manufacturers, retailers and customers online via the cloud.

Bombora Wave Power Pty Ltd

Demonstration and commercialisation of Bombora Wave Energy Converter system

Burmon Pty Ltd

Revolutionary new roof truss tie down system for the global building industry

Butterfly Systems Pty Ltd

Hospital Operating Theatre Management System - designed for clinicians

Calix Ltd

SUPER-MagTM: Sustainable Control of Plant Disease and Insect Pests in Agriculture

Care Strategic Pty Ltd

Portable disposable patient isolation system used in infection control

CAS Medical Solutions Pty Ltd

CAS Medical Solution Foldable Arm Splint

Change Studio Pty Ltd

Ralleo – Enterprise Change Management Software

Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd

Australian wireless technology connects the global Internet of Things

Clarity Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Development of SARTATE as a cancer therapy

Clevertar Pty Ltd

Relational agents for health coaching

Clipchamp Pty Ltd

Client side in-browser video processing for consumers and businesses

Cloud Data Centre Ltd

OfficeBox is an IT platform transforming software and data delivery and storage

Cloud Manager Holdings Pty Ltd

Accelerating Cloud Brokerage and Multi Cloud Optimisation

Cohort Solutions Pty Ltd

Cohortflow - managing recruiting in the global international education sector

Community Pty Ltd

CSnet Technology and Practice Making a World of difference through Human Services

Concourse Golf Pty Ltd

Smart Wheels for Golf Buggies

Connec Limited

World’s first; Explosion & Water proof, Insulated,11,000 Volt connection system

Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd

UV photo-protective filters for human UV protection and material UV protection

Core Resources Pty Ltd

Toowong Process for treating Arsenic containing minerals Pty Ltd

CryptoPhoto next Generation - multifactor authentication solution

Cuoretech Pty Ltd

Real-Time Cardiac Arryhthmia Mapping System

Curtin University of Technology

Improved carbon measurement and management for the gold industry

Cylite Pty Ltd

3D Ocular Imaging and Metrology using Hyperparallel Coherence Tomography