About YBF


YBF was born in Melbourne in 2011, inside an 1850s heritage-listed space, formerly known as the York Butter Factory––that’s where YBF gets its name. And that logo of ours, it’s not a dark-hued pickle, an old-school Pac-Man ghost or a boardroom table, it’s a door. It’s the door from that very first space, the door that hundreds of technology startups, corporates and investors with bold and global ambitions have walked through over the years.


In late 2017, YBF expanded its real estate foothold fivefold by acquiring a space on Bourke Street, again in Melbourne’s CBD. Staying true to YBF’s predilection for historical properties, the new YBF is housed in a bluestone building – a former wool warehouse, erected in the 1860s by Goldsbrough Mort & Co. The first-Industrial-Revolution-exterior wraps an interior that is primed for future industry to come.