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Resource Management for Project Based Enterprises

Project based enterprises (PBE’s) (like consulting firms, constructors, IT developers) struggle to balance people numbers, project delivery and business outcomes.

Think resource management or workforce planning. Managers should know if they have the right number of people to deliver and if utilisation is looking too soft, or excessive?

But its hard to work out - and a blatant problem – particularly for PBE’s. We’ve created the resource role model - called RES-RO-DEL. For the first time, managers will have insight and be able to make the decisions to change people numbers and work, improve delivery and crush an assumed cost of doing business.

There’s no real competition because Alex James, with 25 years’ experience, knows of no solution being used in his or other sectors. The potential market is huge.

Oracle reckons 25% of the world GDP is project based. We’re 70% through MVP development and have Macquarie University and others waiting to pilot it.

We are waiting for an ATO ruling as to our ESIC status

Our Purpose

RESRODEL was created to improve the performance of Project Based Enterprises. (PBEs)

Human effort is at the heart of all productivity and, regardless of whether a PBE is a consultant, PMO, contractor/builder or IT developer, the management of effort is hard. The numbers are complex, the methods are confused.

We've witnessed how having too few or too many people can cause margin erosion, layoffs, over worked staff and the late delivery of poor quality product.

Our mission is to change that!

In studying conventional systems, we've identified their gaps and failings and created a new paradigm of enterprise management that far surpasses traditional methods of resource management and workforce planning.

We call it Effort Management.

This approach, using RESRODEL, ensures you have the right number of people and improves project delivery, financial performance and, most importantly, the lives of those who work for your enterprise.