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We are building the IP licensing platform that will enable scalable manufacturing using 2D materials

We are building the IP licensing platform that will enable scalable manufacturing using 2D materials
We develop proprietary graphene composite materials for the global geosynthetics industry, providing specifications with industry know how to current industry themes; water; defense & aerospace and construction.
We are also developing systems of interconnected intelligent materials. We are passionate about graphene and its potential to enable the realization of intelligent materials.
We master the characterisation of graphite/graphene to ensure functionality and receive certification of product.

Imagine Intelligent Materials Graphene Solutions

A lot of promises are made about the potential for graphene to change the world. Our focus is on delivering on what we promise and only promising what we can deliver.
Our scientists and engineers have taken the challenge to develop new materials using graphene that can be manufactured in high volumes at scale within our licensees’ plants. Our value proposition is to improve product performance and economy for our licensees and disrupt their competitors.
Imagine Intelligent Materials is the leading Australian developer of graphene-based coatings for industrial textiles and fibres. Our coatings solutions are delivered as masterbatch and can be used to deliver new functionalities in geotextiles, geogrids, and geomembranes.
Imagine Intelligent Materials’ solutions are provided under license. Our primary commercial partner is Australian geosynthetics market leader, Geofabrics Australasia. Imagine IM’s first product release for the geosynthetics industry will be announced at GeoAmericas 2016.
Imagine IM was founded in 2014 to create disruptive solutions utilising graphene that can be integrated into existing manufacturing processes. There is no new capex. Our solutions mean that users are able to meet heightened regulatory standards. More importantly, we provide a certification process that ensures replicability and quality assurance throughout the value chain.
It’s not about graphene. It’s about understanding the problems and solving them.
We work closely with our customers and licensees to develop solutions tailored specifically for them that will be disruptive to their competitors.
Our new materials solve problems and deliver improved margins.
Our initial focus is to revolutionise the geosynthetics industry by developing new synthetic materials that use graphene to add functionality at a cost that makes the new materials highly competitive.
Our licensable formulae for synthetic fibres and textiles deliver strength, conductivity and hydrophilicity while enabling improved margins. For our first product release we enable the challenges associated with managing water in large infrastructure projects to be conquered efficiently and economically.
Our first products enable efficient leak detection and efficient dewatering.
We understand the need to remain capital light, and that our customers have developed their supply chain philosophies and practices to minimise risk. That is why we are graphene “agnostic”.
We develop solutions using graphene where we can specify the functional capabilities of the graphene and also leverage existing manufacturing production capabilities.
Our certification program enables the end users to derisk their manufacturing programs and also for suppliers to open up pre-qualified markets and customers.
Our Materials Science R&D team is based in Sydney, Australia and our Sensor R&D team is based in San Diego, CA. Our scientists and engineers work together to develop the intelligent materials that enable infrastructure to be built and the community’s expectations to be met. And we deliver solutions fast.
Our certification process makes the difference.
It enables our customers and licensees to deliver replicability in product functionality and to provide master batch materials via accredited companies.
Our aim is to take the risk out of manufacturing using graphene, regardless of whether our customer is a Fortune 500 company or Start Up.
As the demand for graphene technology grows around the world, our team will be working to develop the intelligent materials that solve the big challenges for companies and for people.
We invite you to become a part of our graphene vision.