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Email marketing technology SaaS platform build for small to medium business.

Email marketing is typically hard for small business owners. Being complicated and time-consuming to organised has meant only 29% of Australian SMBs have undertaken any formal email marketing to promote their products or services. Jibbar is the first email marketing platform build with a feature set and UX specifically to address the needs of the SMB. With pre-designed and ready-to-use email templates, SMBs can now create and send beautiful professional emails in litterly seconds, whilst receiving detailed analytics and performance reports. The business has two revenue streams. Users can subscribe to our "self-service" or premium priced "Concierge" subscription plans. Additionally we generate revenue via a range of upsell options to assist SMB address other issues they have with list building, content creation and social media integration of their email campaigns. Jibbar is fundamentally different from current marketing offerings in 3 ways. First the UX is deigned to simplify the complexity inherent in applications build to service the needs of enterprize customers. Secondly, our onboarding process is unique within the market and finally only Jibbar has solutions to assist SMB with list building and content creation.