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Sirius Energy Limited is a customer engagement platform that makes energy easy. We connect utility accounts and provide real time insights to help consumers consume, generate and respond to demand spikes across Australia.

Sirius creates touch points beyond the periodic power bill by educating, empowering and rewarding households to transform them from passive to active consumers of energy. Sirius is giving households the “power” to truly understand and be in control of their energy. Founded in 2015, Sirius Energy is on a mission to make solve what matters for our future world. Sirius Energy links with a members existing utility account to give them easy access to customized insights, home efficiency products, battery storage and solar – all through a single seamless platform. Sirius Energy has a rapidly growing team and strong advisory board. Sirius Energy was selected for the Energy Australia Start Up Bootcamp out 1500 start ups from around the world. Currently negotiating investment from Artesian Investment, Australia .