2285 12 Belford Place, Cardiff New South Wales

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Resin and adhesive manufacturer.

Mirteq is an emerging resin technology company that has an impressive menu of modified resin products for commercial and industrial use that are manufactured in its Cardiff, NSW and Fort Wayne, Indiana production facilities.
Mirteq’s markets comprise three distinct sectors:
a) Protective Coatings – Comprising product distributors, as well as, companies that service, repair and maintain steel and concrete infrastructure assets.
b) Moulding and Casting - Fiberglass and composite parts manufacturers supporting tier products such as marine, RV, automobile, bath, and specialty parts, to name a few.
c) Structural Adhesives – For (a) the manufacture and/or assembly of fiberglass composites/ steel/concrete/stone/wood and (b) adhering ceramic tiles to steel surfaces in mining applications.