64 Industrial Place, Yandina, Queensland 4561, Australian Capital Territory

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Freeze Dry Industries ( FDI ) is a modern manufacturing facility that exclusively uses the latest technology freeze dryers


Freeze Dry Industries ( FDI ) is a modern manufacturing facility that exclusively uses the latest technology freeze dryers as built by Mock Enterprises in Victoria. Freeze drying of fresh fruits and vegetables adds enormous value in terms of long shelf life, light weight and preserved nutrition.

Our process is 100% natural!  No additives, preservatives or chemicals!

The state of the art factory is being built in  Yandina, Queensland and  will be the first of it s kind acting not only as a manufacturer but also a showroom for products, equipment and innovation. 

Freeze Dry Equipment

As the exclusive agents for and representatives of the manufacturer, FDI can demonstrate and facilitate the purchase and set up of the freeze drying equipment for other businesses. 

Research & Development

The industry is very exciting with numerous findings stemming from the investment into scientific research. The aim of FDI is to continuously innovate and introduce new consumer products into the marketplace

We conduct trials of new and innovative raw materials in commercial quantities. 
Scientific analysis can be arranged via our network of industry professionals. 
Intellectual property and proprietary rights are absolutely acknowledged and such agreements must be in place prior to any trials being conducted. 
We have also developed a SAAS ( Service As A Software ) system to record each and every experiment for industrial and commercial purposes. In addition, this system follows the guidelines as set out by Aus Industry and the ATO to asssit in applying  for and compliance with, the R & D Tax Incentive.
FDI has also built a prototype freeze dryer to constantly improve on our technology.  This prototype will be the forerunner to a new range of equipment with ongoing modifications to improve all aspects of the production process. This all Australian innovation commitment will target further energy reductions, production efficiencies and system intelligence. 

Company History

Freeze Dry Industries ( FDI ) has evolved from the long established Mock family business in Red Hill, Victoria.
Totally Pure Fruits (TPF) is the value-adding arm of the 4th generation family business, Mock Orchards at Red Hill, Victoria. TPF and the manufacturing entity have pioneered the development of the unique computer controlled Low Temperature Freeze-Drying technology behind its consumer-driven range of Freeze-Dried Fruit, Vegetables and Plant Extracts. This patented, leading edge technology and expertise has been developed in-house over the past 20 years and has been extensively tested to become a world leader and commercially viable production system.
Today the company produces a range of organic and conventional healthy snack foods and ingredients, which are economically stored and transported along the agribusiness chain. All goods are processed 100% natural and without the use of any additives such as preservatives, flavors or colors. This product integrity appeals enormously to the rapidly growing health conscious, superfood and organic markets both domestically  and overseas.
Freeze Dry Industries Pty Ltd  will own and operate the new facility with 4 x 1 tonne capacity Freeze Dry machines to expand and support the existing operation in Victoria. The Yandina factory will broaden the existing product range and contract services and allow for future product development. This enhanced capacity will provide opportunities for increased production, the pursuit of export markets and the feasibility of introducing new innovative products especially those sourced within the region. This facility will operate under the guidance of the equipment manufacturing company, Mock Enterprises Pty Ltd which will be responsible for Quality Control, Production Standards, Equipment Development, Systems Training and Support and all Operational Requirements.
To further support the new facility, a remote controlled Software As A Service (SAAS) Operations System has been developed to ensure the integrity and consistency of all production innovation,  needs and capabilities.
Freeze Dry Industries Pty Ltd is totally committed to sharing the benefits of this innovation throughout the Australian horticultural agribusiness chain. The company stands to significantly increase its process capability and enhance the sustainability of rural agriculture.
This state of the art facility will also act as a showcase for operations, equipment sales and R & D innovation and potentially be the catalyst for more sites across the region and Australia.