Level 26, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney New South Wales


Later stage innovation company




FlashFX is cross border payment provider using new and innovative technologies such as the Ripple distributed ledger technology.

FlashFX allows consumers to initiate and complete foreign currency transfer easily and quickly at a fraction of the cost charged by banks and other wire services like Western Union and Australia Post. Based on the Ripple distributed ledger payments protocol, this service let’s consumers track their money all the way to destination account, much like a parcel tracking system. FlashFX will also allow other payments / money service providers (MSB) to access the Ripple payments protocol through the FlashFX infrastructure. This will enable these MSB to access FX liquidity and the Ripple payment rail outside a bank controlled SWIFT payments network. FlashFX is exploring to form a JV with Hong Kong based MSB to setup a FlashFX Hong Kong operation.