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On demand access to adult services

Lux Libertas Pty Ltd (Lux) is a tech startup developing and operating software for the sex industry. Lux has launched Rendevu, an on-demand mobile platform enabling provision of sex services.

Our aim is to establish the Rendevu platform as a quality brand in the industry, standing for secure, safe and sure service provision in the eyes of both sex workers and their clients The current customer experience when obtaining sexual services is poor.

Almost every interaction in the selection, negotiation and delivery of sexual services can be improved by technology providing a secure, safe and sure experience for both sex workers and clients. Rendevu will be operating worldwide by 2018 across all sex industry verticals including escort, erotic massage, strip and waitress services.

The current strategy for Rendevu is based on lessons we learned with initial market trials. Early attempts to build a two sided marketplace focusing solely on top tier service provider services did not provide the acceptance required, likely because this sector can afford to provide better customer service than the industry as a whole.

Opening Rendevu up to erotic massage services and allowing shorter bookings greatly accelerated Rendevu growth. Similarly, allowing settlement with cash and reducing the ID burden has improved traction. Over four days in December there was an average of 14 appointments and transaction volume of $3.7k daily.

This represents a monthly run rate of $110k over 420 appointments and an annual rate run rate of $1.3 mill over 5k appointments. This run rate was not forecast to be hit until October 2017. Lux Libertas is raising $1.1 million AUD to expand Rendevu aggressively to the UK, a much larger and more condensed market, in March 2017. The funds are primarily for software development and advertising.

Following the European launch we will complete a series A of $5 - 10 mill in approximately 18 months to expand worldwide. Rendevu employs innovative technology to provide sure delivery and security/privacy for clients as well as guaranteed payment and safety for sex workers.

Although Lux Libertas is a tech company, not a sex services provider, it is working with and leveraging the knowledge of industry participants and building upon their existing customer base via affiliate mark