15 Lyall Street, South Perth Australian Capital Territory





Quax is an Australian registered tax agent company that, through its first mover financial technology, delivers an unrivalled experience to individual income taxpayers when booking, preparing, lodging and paying for their income tax return, while delivering new and supplementary income streams to qualified and experienced professionals in the financial sector.

Quax is an Australian fintech business founded in 2015. Our mobile technology platform connects qualified professionals with taxpayers that creates an unrivalled experience when booking, preparing, lodging and paying for an individual income tax return, while providing a new or supplementary income stream to financial professionals.

The platform reverses the traditional terms of engagement between a taxpayer and an accounting practice, allowing the taxpayer to dictate day, time, location and choice of professional on demand. By flipping standard practice on its head, we significantly decrease overhead costs and eradicate slow administrative processes.

We have delivered a highly scalable and secure platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available to iOS and Android users. Our business is poised to benefit from first mover advantage and unique proprietary intellectual property in a long standing market with high regulatory barriers to entry.

Multiple revenue streams from our strategy commence this tax time, 1st July 2017. We launch to market with an experienced team consisting of career accountants, tax agents, I.T. engineers, financial analysts and advisors to the broader financial sector.