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Online subscription-based petfood company

Petzyo is an Australian tech-driven dog food business delivering better value and sustainable dry and raw feeding solutions, direct to our customer's door. Petzyo champions four key values that include environmental sustainability, better value feeding solutions, excellent customer service, 100% natural ingredients.

Petzyo innovates across a wide range of product and service channels and is the first pet care company worldwide to use fully recyclable LDPE packaging for its dry dog food. Petzyo selects sustainable ingredients where possible, in order to reduce its environmental impact.

Our Kibble That Counts, Sustainable Kangaroo Kibble is the most eco-friendly dog food solution on the market, and we are continuing to innovate across a range of verticals to ensure our products and service meet and exceed our customer's expectation.

Petzyo's Raw Royalty meat patties are the pinnacle of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding). Each patty comprises of a healthy mix of raw meat, organs, bones, veggies, whole-grains, herbs and superfoods. Patties are wrapped in wax paper, avoiding non-recyclable plastics, and ensuring easy handling.