My name is Keith Whelan. I became known as “The Grants Guy” when I first started out writing and proof-reading Grants for organisations in Australia in 2012. The mantle has stuck so much that people now ring asking to speak to The Grants Guy! I am very proud of my new name and the work I have done since the genesis of the business for numerous organisations throughout Australia. I have worked with Not-for-Profits, Charities, Universities, Government Departments & Agencies, Sports Clubs, Aboriginal Groups, Arts Organisations and Educational Bodies which has given me a great insight into the needs for funding in Australia and the opportunity to educate my clients on what grants exists and how to apply for such. The Grants Guy facilitates the following for a Grants Applicant – The Provision of a Grants Calendar listing available grants in both the public and private sectors pertinent to the organisations funding goals Drafting, Reviewing, Assessing and Appraising Grant applications before submittal The facilitation of Grants Workshops educating organisations on how to establish a Grants Strategy for their organisation.

Keith develops Grants Project Management Plans, Grants Calendars and Funding Strategies enabling organisations to approach grants in a proactive manner. His Plans and Strategies provide a structured and strategic approach to obtaining extra funding for the progression and completion of projects.

Keith reviews corporate procedures and protocols in relation to grants management and provides recommendations for best practice and development of same. In addition, Keith researches grants and funding opportunities and develops proposals for both private and public sector enterprises.

Keith reviews and makes recommendations on Tender applications. His knowledge base with regard to such was attained whilst working in the local government, university, sporting and disability sectors in Australia.

The Grants Guy provides assessment and appraisal on all Grant Applications before they are submitted as well as advice on the acquittal of a successful application and advice on the reporting requirements involved. Grants Calendars are drafted for clients,  specifically based on client’s identified funding requirements. Consultation services are provided at an hourly rate. 

Here is a list of the current grants workshops The Grants Guy is delivering, click each for details and contents.