Since beginning in 2006, our patent and trademark attorney firm has become well known in the industry as delivering quality intellectual property services to Australian business.

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Why a Patent and Trademark Attorney?

Patent and Trademark Attorney Representation assists to minimise conflicts and ensure that your patents, trademarks and product design applications don’t contain mistakes, problems or lack detail to win enforcement proceedings.

A lot of information is empowering business owners too much, and conseuently Court actions involving DIY applications are resulting in Judges invalidating (voiding) Patent and Trademark Registrations.

There are many legal reasons for this outcome, and usually it is because Patent or Trademark Applicants don’t:

  1. have the legal degree to correctly understand the legals or implications of the details lodged, or the way the details needed to be covered.
  2. comply with the reuqirements of the Patent and Trademark Act.
  3. respond to the Patent Office with the right legal submissions.
  4. know they should never have been entitled to own the rights, but IP Australia doesn’t review this aspect.
  5. know they have created issues by the way they traded or took the wrong commerical steps.