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LegalVison is a commercial law firm with a commitment to innovation. We bring together lawyers and technology to deliver efficient and cost-effective legal solutions for SME's, startups and corporates.

Australian small businesses are radically underserved in the legal space. They can’t afford top-tier firms with high overheads and legacy costs. Local suburban practitioners don’t have the specialist business law knowledge to effectively assist them. 

LegalVision provides the solution. By using technology and modern working practices we provide high quality legal services to small business at an affordable, fixed-fee cost. 

LegalVision has four key points of difference to a traditional law firm:

Faster – LegalVision speeds up the legal process by using an online platform which enables customers to access legal services on demand and in a hurry. For customers looking for a simple solution we provide customised legal documents created using our proprietary technology. Our lawyers can provide 48 hour turn around on document drafting or reviews.

Smarter – The LegalVision team of lawyers are all specialists in their given fields. Each LegalVision lawyer has experience working in a top-tier commercial firm. We therefore provide small business with access to a quality of lawyer that up till now they could not afford. . For example, we assist our clients to negotiate with major banks and national corporations. We assist them to expand across Australia and overseas. We protect them online. We help them to negotiate and raise capital from private investors. This is invaluable expertise for a small business.

Cost-Effective Fixed-Fees – Our online structure, with low overheads, allows us to pass on cost savings to our customers. We provide fixed-fees for every legal job, giving our customers cost certainty.

Modern – We’re great at online marketing and acquire our customers through a channel that is mostly untapped in the legal industry. Lawyers have always relied on traditional word of mouth type advertising, we’re taking the industry into the online era.


Cost Certainty

LegalVision is a leader in the movement away from the lawyer’s billable unit. We offer our clients a range of pricing options to suit their needs and provide clarity around legal costs. Most of our work is on a fixed-fee per project basis, but we also design monthly subscriptions and other flexible pricing arrangements that deliver value for clients with a higher volume of legal needs.

Responsive Timeframes

We understand that timing is critical, particularly for businesses that have a large number of legal projects. LegalVision is committed to delivering our services within timeframes that fit the commercial needs of our clients.

Specialist Lawyers

LegalVision caters to a full range of commercial law needs. Our lawyers are specialists, who bring extensive experience from working at leading law firms in Australia and across the world.

Custom Technology

We build technology to help increase the efficiency of our lawyers. We can also build custom legal apps, portals and platforms.

Free Legal Information and Documents We are committed to educating Australians on legal issues. We offer over 3,500 free legal articles to help keep businesses informed about the law.