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Wynnes is a successfulPatent and Trade MarkAttorney firm that provides a personal service to clients to protect and manage their intellectual property in the commercial market.

Your trusted Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys is a successful professional firm that achieves and maintains a high level of quality service and personal relationships with clients. We listen to you and engage with you for all of your Patent & Trademark requirements We work with you to manage and protect your Intellectual Property assets We give personalised quality service and have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed Although based in Brisbane Australia, we have a global reach with our network of IP Associates We are upfront with costs and transparent with our interactions We have a commercial focus


What was the problem identified which lead to your solution which is the current invention? How did you invent and develop your invention? If there is more than one problem, please list them in order of importance with (1) being the most important.


What is the existing technology (ie. prior art) in the area?


What is the invention in its basic form? Are there optional features? What is the inventive or special part of the invention? What do you consider are the most commercially important features? This information can be prepared in point form.