At our core, Argus TrueID is a biometric technology developer, focused on creating systems that streamline business processes through the unique and secure identification of individuals.

Our mission is ‘helping protect our communities’ because we believe everyone is entitled to live and work in a safe and secure environment. After significant R&D investment over the last 18 years we’ve developed a mature suite of solutions with an enviable track record. We’re proud to be the largest Australian-owned provider of identity-dependent, biometrically-enabled solutions.

At the heart of each True ID Solution is an enterprise-wide single point of biometric identification and authentication built on the Argus True ID Framework. Our True ID stack ensures our clients are never locked into a single vendor. It allows the biometric technologies in each solution to be swapped out or modified as required. True ID solution is built to expand and evolve with both advances in technology and developments in the client’s requirements. The results are scalable solutions future-proofed to ensure a long life in a rapidly changing environment.