Bluedot Innovation technology is changing what is possible in location services by combining cutting-edge innovation with the highest quality execution.


We enable location-based commerce and social innovation across any industry where mobility and location can add value. Through ground breaking R&D and intellectual property, we’ve overcome the problems that have prevented precise location-aware apps from being developed. These include the trade-off between high precision and battery life, the costly need for additional hardware and concerns about privacy.

By solving these problems, a new generation of location-aware solutions that couldn’t exist before are being powered by Bluedot technology.


The Most Accurate Location Technology

Geolines™ Accuracy doesn’t get any better. Draw a virtual line anywhere and interact with customers within inches of them crossing over. Geofences Create geofences of any shape. Circular, rectangular, or complex polygons. Beacons Integrate with any Beacon type through our Beacon-agnostic platform. Includes: SDKs | Point Access Web Interface | APIs | Webhooks