What we do

  • Mutual multifactor auth
  • Secure transaction signing
  • Passwordless login option

CryptoPhoto is 10 times faster to use than other 2-factor authenticators. It's also 10 times easier (just 1 tap), and 10 times faster for users to enroll, and 10 times faster for you to install and set up to protect your staff and users, and prevents 10 times more threats. Human-factor exploits cause 9 out of every 10 break-ins, so CryptoPhoto is arguably 10 times more important than any other security tool in your belt.

Attackers now use phone calls, and even in-person deception. CryptoPhoto blocks both of these, with strong verifier impersonation resistance at all times, and it's still fast and easy for all parties.

CryptoPhoto provides the industry's strongest defense against human-factor exploits like Phishing, Scams, Social-Engineering, Malware, and all forms of credential-theft and abuse. 
"It's like a firewall and antivirus rolled into one, except it protects people, not just computers."