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Pattens claim all types of grants for a Success Fee, including RDTI. When its all you do, you do it well. We are Grants Specialists not Consultants or accountants doing some grants. Awarded Best Grants Consultant for last 6 years.

Claim with absolute confidence for just a success fee. 
100% success on all R&D claims lodged over 35 years. 
No client has ever been requested to repay the RDTI. 
Review of existing claims consistently increases the claimed amount. 
We identify and claim from all the other 1,000 grants available annually.
Awarded Australia's Best Grants Consultant for the last 6 years.
Your technology is reviewed and assessed by our engineers.
The financial calculations are prepared by our accountants.

We are Grants Specialists - we just claim grants - so we are great at it!