ESIC Calculator 

Early Stage Innovation Company Calculator will help you self assess if your company qualifies as a compliant ESIC.
The calculator provides results based on your responses to the questions on the assumption that your company is working towards an imminent capital raise. To achieve a useful result, you must answer the questions on the basis of the facts and circumstances, knowing that some aspects may improve with effort or over time, and or with this assistance of our education or tips. Ultimately you need to reassess immediately after the issue of the shares (the test time) and carry that assessment into an annual report to the ATO.

ESIC is a relatively new tax policy, therefore you cannot rely on the calculator alone. Incorrectly answering any of the questions is likely to lead to tax,  other penalties or even litigation. You're advised to seek professional advice to confirm the facts and circumstances of the company and seek help when you answer the questions in the calculator.

The tool is designed for companies with a typical year end (30th June), if the company is two or more years older, and has a substituted accounting period, please contact us directly. 

Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) Calculator

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Are any of the company's equity interests listed on a stock exchange? *
Is the company early stage? When was the company incorporated in Australia? *
The incentive is for underfunded early stage businesses. Were the total tax expenses incurred by the company and its 100% subsidiaries $1 million or less in the previous income year?*
The incentive is for early revenue businesses. Did the company and its 100% subsidiaries have total assessable income of $200,000 or less in the previous tax year? *
The incentives may not apply to sophisticated structured ventures. Is the company undertaking innovation activities solely on its own?*