Its about timing

2017-11-21 13:03:26


I've had some really good chats with a lot of founders lately, though a couple have stood out that I thought I'd share, not exactly the content, but the context, so you'll see in a moment.

You'll not find these founders / ESIC's on the directory, even though they've been through multi-staged assessments. But why?

Well that's the context, they didn't want to 'go live' just yet, as the don't want the distraction of investors and are happy to bootstrap. Knocking back the money? Risking a late exit from ESIC? What the? Yep, and the interesting thing is that these are gun listings. Serious repeat founders with credentials and exits.

So what happened to 'get your ESIC' before you miss out? Well its a matter or context, know how and commitment.

If you've confident in finding funding, familiar with the requirements, and fixated on scaling fast, then an early  ESIC listing may not be for you.

That said, our gun pre-listings also confirmed things might be different if people seek them out. 

So go figure, everything has changed, and nothings different.

Keep at it,



Published By: Tom