Ruling you in or out

2017-11-21 13:04:30


Towards the end of the third quarter of last year I turned the corner in my regard of ATO private ruling for ESIC's. 

It wasn't just the existence of some quality guidance in the determinations and the bonus of having rulings cover not just the day of investment, but an entire year. It was the approach and speed that rulings were progressing.

Not to name names, but to say we'd know some happy companies isn't a stretch ;0)

Opening the new calendar year, we've seen a flood of PBR's, which is a good sign for demand. The trouble is keeping things moving, and as expected the early trickle is now turning tropical, with over 100 applications to hand with the ATO.

We're glad that some of the early Jan/Feb application are affiliated, however you'd best be quick if that seed / series A is closing before June and the ATO ruling is a deal maker/breaker.

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Published By: Tom