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2017-11-21 13:02:08

We setup ESIC.Directory to scratch an itch. The tax incentives sounded great, however it wasn't easy to learn what we needed to know or even find someone who could assist.

Fortunately we know a lot of people in start-up, though they only had some of the answers. Obviously this was going to be an issue, particularly for early stage companies with few if any funds. So we set out to compile all that we could find out. 

Along the way lots of friends and founders found out what we were up to, so we had get them involved... 'what if we put together a listing'! Great idea, then we can get credit for all our hard work!

We figured that any listing would be incomplete without referring to all the services and gateways people could used to get qualified. So now you can find not only ESIC's but also, Accelerators, Universities, R&D partners and Advisors all in one place.

Last but not least, we put together an online checklist to assist you guys in a form of self assessment. You might get straight through to a listing, or may need some help/clarification, though we hope you join us in the directory.

We are already seeing heaps of visits to the site, including investor registrations!

Thanks for visiting, and check in again soon! We've plenty of updates and improvements to come.


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Innovation Blog with ESIC Directory startup listings for early stage innovation companies that are eligible for tax concessions of a rebate and capital gains tax exemption

Published By: Tom