Sales ends 30 June

2017-11-21 13:02:45


Hi all, 

Its a great day, a day to celebrate, the day you sign your first sale! 

It could also be the day you wind the clock forward, and end your chances of securing investment on the back of your ESIC status.

What? Why? No Way?

Well, we hate to point it out, but yes, that's the way they slice it. 

Companies with sale of over $200k last year are not considered early stage, no ifs or buts (except the ACA grant).

So a $221k (inc gst) in sale on the 9/9/16 will end your eligibility (assuming you've got it) by the 30 June 2017 (not 9/9/17).

Save the second bottle of bubbly and secure your investors before the deadline,



Published By: Tom